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October 2020
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Tricks for Treating Scary Car Spills
Those people who say there is no use crying over spilt milk, have never had to drive a long distance in a car with a sour milk smell. Here are our tips for getting the 4 worst spills out of your car.
What You Need to Know About Recalls
Learn how to check for recalls and how to get your recall fixed for FREE.
A Good Time to Get a Great Deal on a Tucson
Hyundai Assurance is offering 0% APR financing and 3 months of deferred payments on Tucson and...
Is Synthetic Oil Better Than Conventional?
Could synthetic oil really benefit your vehicle? See what AAA research has to say...
Showroom Walkaround of the New Palisade
The new 2021 Palisade Calligraphy elevates our 3-row SUV to flagship status with these new premium upgrades...
Is Your Tire Sensor Playing a Trick on You?
Has this ever happened to you? You pull out of the garage in the morning and are driving down the road, when...
Inside a Master Pumpkin Carver’s Studio
This man's sculptures are so much more than "jack-o-lanterns."