Plus Exclusive Coupons, Fun Tips and Videos to Help You Enjoy Your Vehicle More
February 2020
Hi - In this issue:
How to Get a Cleaner Car in Just 5 Minutes
No time to do a full wash? Here's your triage guide to a better looking vehicle in just a few minutes.
Hyundai Accent Awarded Best Value in America from Vincentric
This is the second win for the Accent in the subcompact segment.
Caught on Camera: How Not to Drive in Fog
Plus new, helpful tips if you do have to drive in the fog.
Smaht Pahk Behind the Scenes
Did you get a chance to see our Smart Pahk Super Bowl ad? Here's what...
Fun Things to Do in February
From a Super Hero Party to a Live Clue Game, here are some fun things to do in the area this month.
A Surprise Marriage Proposal
He animated himself and his future bride into Sleeping Beauty, and then..
5 Reasons for Squeaky Brakes
A quick review to help you know when you should be concerned and when it's OK to delay...