Last Minute Road Trip Options

With travel restrictions lifting but social distancing still recommended, it's no surprise that according to AAA, 97% of summer trips are road trips. Road trips allow travelers to make their own schedule and customize stops based on comfort level and interests. For families, especially those with small children, it is an easy and less expensive way to travel. And an added benefit right now-gas prices remain low.

It's not to late to put together an end of summer trip - or plan something fun for the fall - with AAA's TripTik ( TripTik is a tradition that has guided generations of road trippers with paper and digital maps. Plus, it now includes COVID-19 Travel Restriction updates.

Beyond mapping your route in advance, it is important to book hotels and plan out gas and food stops. Also, keep in mind that some national parks and attractions have capacity limits, so if there is a must-do activity on your trip, you'll want to make arrangements for these in advance.

You might also want to checkout AAA's Roadtrip site that offers hundreds of pre-routed roadtrip options.

Know Before You Go

No matter how a traveler gets to their final destination, AAA recommends considering these points before you go:

  • Check the CDC's Covid-19 data tracker, municipal and state health departments and local news for updates on coronavirus cases and continue to do so while on the road.

  • Visit AAA's Covid-19 Travel Restrictions Map at for the latest state and local travel restrictions.

  • Pack face coverings, gloves and cleaning supplies-like disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer-and a thermometer.

  • Take all necessary travel documentation, including health insurance cards.

We hope everyone has a safe, enjoyable end to their summer.

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